Free Slots Comprehensive Guide 2020

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Before the inception of online gaming, the idea that you can play slot games for free may seem unrealistic. However, nowadays you can find different kinds of slot games in free mode on many online casino sites. But how do free slots work? This guide will provide a detailed answer and also explain all the benefits that come with playing online casino slots for free. In the end, we hope that you find it very informative and useful. Visit for reviews of online slots.


How Free Online Slots Work

The first thing that may come into your mind when you hear about free slots is that it will be very different from real money slots. This is far from it. Free online slots and real money slots are the same for most parts. Their features, as well as gameplay, are the same. In actual fact, a free slot is just a real money slot that is provided by developers and casinos to players to play for free without betting money.

To give players a similar experience to gambling, free slots have virtual coins which can be can be wagered in the game. These virtual coins are of no monetary value and as a result, you cannot trade them for real cash or use them on the games to win real cash. In most free online slots, you will see the balance of the free coins is available on the screen of the game for players to see. If you exhaust it, you can refresh the game for more.

There are several kinds of slots you can play for free such as multi-payline slots, multiplier slots, branded slots, progressive slots and classic slots. The process you need to go through to play free slots is not tedious compared to that of real money slots, there is no demand that register with a casino site or that you install any app whatsoever on your device. Once you have a mobile device or desktop computer and internet connection you can start playing free slots. Here are some casinos offering free slots.

  • Casumo Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Playamo Casino

Free Slots Advantages

The apparent benefit of free slots is that they can be played without you risking your money. But it's beyond just that. Free slots give newbies an opportunity to learn how to play and get familiar with the gameplay. They'll get to test the features which have been made available in the game and develop their personal playing style. By the time they are done learning how to play, they will find it easier to play the real money versions where they stand a chance to win money.

Another good benefit of free slots is the fact that you will be able to test different strategies in the game and determine which one is the best. You will also be able to filter irrelevant strategies and perfect your strategies. In turn, this will help improve your winning chances while playing the money version of games. Another good thing about playing for free is that you won't be under any pressure and you can take all the time you need to learn how to play.